As regular readers of my blog may be aware – I am cursed with the possession of a bread maker, a PANASONIC SD-206 at that (it has a micro-processor). I have been trying to get the mixture right so I can have an organic loaf. I am tempted by all of the ready prepared mixes by celebrity chefs – but I would feel I would be prostituting myself if I got one of those (yes, I am that passionate about bread).

With my previous bread recipe, I always used too much butter and it was a gooey, half risen dough ball of a mutant loaf. On instruction from my Mum, I have prepared this following blend –

Place into the bread maker in this order;

  1. Water 190g
  2. Olive Oil 1tbsp (we used sunflower oil)
  3. Salt 1 tsp
  4. Sugar 1 tbsp
  5. Dried Milk Powder 1 tbsp (I left this as Kat is Lactose Intollerant)
  6. Strong White Flour 350g
  7. Easybake Yeast 1.5 tsp

Whack it all in the PANASONIC SD-206 (it has a micro-processor) and let it work its magic. It takes the Panasonic SD-206 (it has a micro-processor) bang on 4 hours to mix, prove and bake the loaf. A far more environmentally sound option to using our wafty oven.

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