How many blogs are set up, and only ever see the initial “This is a post” post? Starting a diary, journal, or blog is easy, the hard part is maintaining it. If you’re one of the owners of the thousands of one-post WordPress sites, 60 Seconds Everyday could be for you. Every night you’ll get a phone call asking how your day went, you’ll then have 60 seconds to reply, and your answer will be transcribed and saved to your online journal.

They are currently only accepting phone numbers from the US and Canada. If you have a phone number from another country, enter your email on their site to be notified when they are available in your area.

I have tried the 365 Blogging Challenge and came up short – I only lasted until February and then there was a pause as I was kind of Blogged out. Maybe this is the solution?

For more details please see their site – it seems reet!

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