Well, technically it’s Tuesday and I had better write up a blog post about the weekend. What happened? Stuff, sleep & shizzle! Essentially not much much but then Monday opened a cold brewski and joined me for a good time.

Friday night saw me DJing at Jesus Christ Retro Bar as part of the Reggae Night. Jason organises it. It seemed to be a slow burner so Jason went home but then we stayed open for another three hours and I was left to DJ.

Things were peaceful. Ish.

There was the usual “I’ve just got of prison” party and the drinks were flowing. They seemed to enjoy themselves and the music was appreciated by most of the clientele.

“Can I request a song?”

“Sure, but it is a reggae night”

“Stick Beyonce on!”

Saturday and Sunday were just spent working or pottering around the house. I had hoped to go out and record some wildlife at Stavely reserve but fell asleep for six hours instead. The Water Rail shows well near the little hide at Stavely during the winter months – I have been lucky to see it beforehand, no proof but I have seen it.

Monday was spent redoing a client’s site and then I hot-footed it to Swan On The Stray to meet my friend Stewart. The plan was to record a radio show and I intended to celebrate our new found home in America, Oregon. Stewart & I are both going to get broadcast on a new startup station on the dark coast. Yes, it will not be peak time but the fact that people have the opportunity to tune in to us on the FM dial is something that we both like.



Many pints were consumed and then we tootled off to do the show. The recording of Sound Of Wonder this week, I admit, is a bit of a blur – I managed to get some cans from the second pub we stopped at (I am still nursing one). We’ve reached Episode #98 – not bad.



Then, on the way home, after a bit of admin and Stewart retiring to his manor for a vegan feast, I took this photo. I am very pleased with it. Edited in Lightroom and shot on a Ricoh GR II.

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