This may prove a bit reckless, but, I have started another blog – an iPhone Photoblog. The domain for the venture is and it is slowly getting there. The idea behind it is to post up a new photo, taken exclusively on my iPhone, and share it via the website. The only rule I have set myself is to stick to my iPhone.

The iPhone I am using is an iPhone XR – it has an excellent camera, I just wish I was skilled enough to use it.

But, why am I starting a photo blog? Why not stick to Instagram? Well, I have an instagram account and that is tied up with work – I use Hi_Andy_B (Instagram Account) to show people what I have been up to at work – I did not want another instagram account due to the chances of them changing the copyright policy. So I started a new website.

Jess – The 19yr old cat

The website is a joy to use – I plumped for the Blot CMS ( so all I need to do is export the image to a specific, safe Dropbox folder and then it automatically makes it up on to the website. It is a breeze – I may offer to make a blog for my Dad when he retires …

The aesthetics of the site are minimal and complete – there is a magazine vibe to the thing and I dig it. The ABOUT Page is less fussy than my regular sites becaue it was all written in MarkDown.

If you want to see my new blog, head over to Andy Backhouse’s PhotoBlog HERE.

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