In this blog post I hope to write a bit about iPhoneography. “iPhoneography” is not a term I have plucked from the æther – I have seen a book written on the subject in some Yoot orientated shop when I was out my depth. “iPhoneography” is not about recording sound – as the link to Phoneography would seem relevant (and … given my pass-time) – but it is camera work carried out on a mobile device. An iPhone.

I currently have an iPhone SE – it is necessary for work and I use it to make calls and check out sites I have built. The quick speed offered by the phone is necessary to view sites on the hoof. I carry my phone all places all the time.

It also has an amazing lens.

In effect, I am carrying around a point and click camera all the time. Granted, it is not all the best quality – I could not blow the images up to size and use them for anything more than a 4×3 print – any more and things would get messy. The quality would deteriorate. There is no way I could use the images for fine art prints. But then I could not use a point and click for Fine Art Prints – Black & White Photography Mag describes the iPhone SE as the best option for a budget conscious wallet. Something I am happy with.

However, it has proved a lot of fun trying.

It is a good enough camera but it has been boosted by some fun-time toys courtesy of Andy D. I met up with Andy on Friday 20th April – it was 4/20 but we did not inhale. Instead, I fixed his iMac to have a matching HTML signature to the one I whittled for his MacBook – it was good to be in his and Tracey’s place – seeing the things that they refer too – I hope to reciprocate the favour and do some entertaining for them at some point.

Well, to cut a long story short, I am having a sleepless few hours so I set about using the fun-time toys that Andy gave me as a way of saying ‘thanks’. He gave me a range of lenses that can be fitted to my iPhone. Here are tonight’s results:

I wil create a new tag for iPhoneography HERE. It should prove a lot of fun. More importantly, it should be the carrot and not the stick –  often beat myself up for lack of creativity. I often think that the next camera or gadget will make me more creative. Essentially, tech has got as good as it will do for a good while (famous last words), said a man in the pub – so, I will try and use the equipment I have already got in more adventurous and adventurous in creative ways.

But, then there is the problem of sharing the images – I read in an email this morning that Flickr had been bought out by SmugMug – balls. It will turn into all fur coat and no knickers – less content more style. 500px anyone? My profile is HERE! Shucks – the Tech Progress/Creative Progress crux again … must get on top of that.

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