A Review Of “Ebola: Behind The Mask”

Well, how should I write this review? Should I write this review of the book "Ebola: Behind The Mask" as a work of literature? As the work of a friend? As the work of a professional? In this review I will try and give an honest non-partizan account of what I got from...

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Dub Horns Gets A Second Airing On The BBC

It is with no small amount of joy that I can tell you that DUB HORNS got a second airing on the BBC. BBC Introducing (York & North Yorkshire), hosted by Jericho Keys, played this on the evening of the 14th May 2016 - I, however, was in the pub seeing off two heroes...

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Prague: Been There

Well, we arrived back in the drizzly UK around 4 hours ago - and I already miss Prague. Why - well, because it is an inspirational city. It draws on such a rich seam of history that it is impossible to pop out for a coffee without needing to reference a great scholar...

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Hello! … From Prague!

Well, this is a bit exciting isn't it - I am sat in a hotel room on the last night of my break and there exists technology that enables me to blog on my phone. Expect an action update tomorrow, upon my return. Meanwhile allow to say that Prague is a fantastic place...

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A Project Of Mine – On The BBC

I am sat here in the early hours of a Sunday morning with a cold one (Wife-Beater - 5%) having had a frustrating hour. See, my track was played on BBC Introducing York and I have spent the past hour trying to rip it off iPlayer on to something a bit more permanent -...

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(Belated) Happy Birthday, Ma’am

Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II. Yesterday Elizabeth II reached 90 years young - a great achievement in anyone's book - good on her. In this blog article I would like to publicly state my opinion on what the royal family means to me - please bear in mind this is...

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