Ijo Pona

A Harrogate Blog • Ijo Pona is a Harrogate-based adventure blog. Written by a full-time ‘funny little man’ and procrastinator, Andy. There are personal observations and a record of trying to hold the local MP, Andrew Jones, to account. To dip your toes in – see the posts below or navigate to the Archive Page. There is a bit about me HERE.

New Audio Tech

Kathryn let her guard down and before she knew it I was wondering the streets of HG1 with my Debit Card. It wasn't too shabby; I got a second hand MacBook Pro for work and I am very pleased with that. I am sorting all of the music I use to DJ into an order - it is...

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How Simon Godsave Photography Helped Me: A Review

I have a new release coming out the day before my birthday - not the usual Dub shenanigans but a field recording/Sound Art thing. There is a company in Berlin who have offered to help with the PR for the project called Dense PR. Dense PR is probably the best PR firm...

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New Boots!

I have had a dislike of Dr Martens since Emma Wilson kicked me in the shins with her sensible footwear. However, Dr Marten seems to have been having a bit of a resurgence and I have gone and procured myself a pair. They look amazing but I might get beaten up wearing...

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