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A Harrogate Blog • Ijo Pona is a Harrogate-based adventure blog. Written by a full-time ‘funny little man’ and procrastinator, Andy, there are personal observations and a record of trying to hold the local MP, Andrew Jones, to account. To dip your toes in – see the posts below or navigate to the Archive Page. There is a bit about me HERE.

Lord Dubs & The Calais “Jungle”

Given the title of this Blog post, you may start thinking this Blog post is a music review - far from it: I am fortunate enough to be on the mailing list for Liberty's Newsletter - not the shop, but the Human Rights watch. The below is lifted from their site. You may...

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Dornoch Adventure Blog 2016 – Pt. III

Well, I have made it home - we (Kathryn & myself) returned to Yorkshire on Monday evening. Knackered. I managed to sleep most of the journey but Kathryn was coming down with a heavy cold - plenty of Lemsip Capsules were purchased at Edinburgh Waverley Station and then...

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Dornoch Adventures 2016 – Pt II

Not all fun and games at the moment. As people may know I have malaria type symptoms coupled with complex post traumatic stress disorder. I am currently locked out of our b&b and with no way of gaining access to my medication. Tonight is going to be tricky. However,...

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Dornoch Adventure Blog 2016 – Pt. I

So me and my good wife stayed over at Home Farm last night. The reasoning behind this became apparent when we woke at 0445 to catch a train from York at 0730. What was the insane logic behind this idea and more importantly what was the destination? Well the mode of...

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We’re Just Back From Happygate

.... and had a great time. We (Kathryn & myself) called down to Valley Gardens this morning to see our good friends Stewart and Karen perform (independently of each other) at the first ever Happygate. I was knackered from a night of ill thought out scheming but the...

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