NYE 2016/17

That was that - Kathryn is tucked up in front of the telly & I am about to head to bed.

I thought about writing a homily to 2016 - a turbulent year that, warts and all, shaped me and my life - for the better or worse it is yet to be seen. I lost family members but my music career started to take off …. swings and roundabouts really.

So, instead of writing a bit about 2016 (which you can read about here) I figure I would like to focus more on what I hope to achieve in 2017. As stated, my music career is in it’s infancy but I was played on the BBC this very night - give below an ear look:

With this - one of my resolutions is to make music with more people. I have always held that music is a unifying force - it brings people together. I would like to spend a good portion of my time making music in 2017, but with other people. There is an energy and vibrancy when you are in the creative presence of friends - something I love - and more of that please.

Another positive I would like to take from 2016 is my employment. I have come on leaps and bounds with my web design over the past twelve months - moving in to freelance work and now sniffing around for more work. TreeBark Design has been the excuse to wake up on time and the reason I am a happier person. Another reason I am so happy at this junction in my life is my wife, Kathryn - I will be make a point of spending more time with her in the coming year. 2017 will be busy, but fun.

Yes, we have lost a lot of familiar faces in 2016 - but, if 2016 is to be remembered for the death of people, let it be for the 400,000 who died in Aleppo. I will continue in the early months to campaign for environmental issues and human rights affairs across the world - with renewed vigour I will still be petitioning and making a nuisance of myself to the local MP, Andrew Jones, whilst I can still type.

So, here is me, Andy Backhouse, wishing you - dear reader - the very best of starts to what will hopefully turn out to be a vintage year.

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