Bartholomäus Traubeck created equipment that would translate tree rings into music by playing them on a turntable. Rather than use a needle like a record, sensors gather information about the wood’s color and texture and use an algorithm that translates variations into piano notes. The breadth of variation between individual trees results in a individualized tune. The album, appropriately titled “Years,” features spruce, ash, oak, maple, alder, walnut, and beech trees. It is available to download now and it is available to purchase on vinyl. The end product of these arbor “records” is haunting and beautiful and you need to check it out.

We all know that the Lorax speaks for the trees, but what do they sound like when they speak for themselves? Yes, the actual sound of wood not the label run by Thomas Park in the States – Tree Trunk Records.

Rings on a tree can give information about the age of the tree, as well as indicate environmental conditions such as rain levels, disease, and even forest fire. Light colored rings indicate quick growth, while darker rings indicate times when the tree did not grow as quickly. Slices of trees are not uniform, and they all tell a story about the tree’s history.

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