Now then – I appreciate that it has become quite hip to slate Apple. In the mid ’90’s Microsoft was the Evil Empire and Apple were the Rebel Alliance. That, sadly, is no more. With Apple’s dominance of the market it has come about that they control the market.

Steve Jobs was a visionary who left, as what I see, a helms-less vessel. The only semi-radical innovation since his untimely departure was the Apple Watch – even then Apple were playing catch up.

So, why do I keep on getting Apple products? They work. Simple as that. I had an iMac for seven years before I traded it in for a newer model, my iPhones keep on keeping on and I had a first generation iPod that lasted nine years.

But, what of my watch? Well, the model I own is a 2015 Sports edition – the smallest version they had and I purchased it second hand. I traded in an old unused camera and paid £34 on top of the trade in for the watch – bit of a no-brainer really.

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What are my first impressions of the watch? I have the 38mm Sport – whilst it is somewhat diminutive on my elephantine limb it works – and it works well.

The main reasoning behind the £34 purchase of the watch was to explore The Quantified Self. I needed to get active or I would be dead within 20 years. Simple. I am at an age and a medication regime where I needed to do something about my health. The Apple Watch is helping me take responsibility for my health and not rely on the NHS to mollycoddle me.

The Quantified Self is a movement to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person’s daily life in terms of inputs (e.g. food consumed, quality of surrounding air), states (e.g. mood, blood oxygen levels), and performance (mental and physical).

I have already grown quite fond of it – It has become useful, it has become necessary.

Whilst I will never use it to ‘Check the stocks’ or receive a call, it is a handy way of interfacing with a greater technology (be that the Cloud or your local GP).

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OMG! I will not be using the Apple Watch to check my stocks!

What I love about the Apple Watch, it even helps monitor my sleep. Whilst I pump out the zzzz’s on a night my Apple Watch sits on my bedside table, on its side, charging – the watch acts as a bedside clock and has a sleep monitoring alarm. This is then synced by Bluetooth to the Apple Health App so I can keep an accurate measure of my sleep – the App I use is called Pillow; I recommend it!

There is also a Mindfulness app that reminds the wearer to take time out to focus on their breath – lowering stress. There is a counter that reminds you to go for a walk when you have been sedate for a period of an hour. It is like having my own personal lifestyle coach on my wrist.

So to round up: the watch has turned my own health in to a competition with myself. I know this may sound like gibberish – but, I am a highly competitive guy. So, I figured the best way to get healthy was to start to know how unhealthy I actually was. I have been setting myself targets to burn calories and targets to monitor sleep. It has turned in to a competition with yesterday’s score. I am on a forever self-improving mission to outdo myself and improve my health.

I had better leave it at that for now – my watch is telling me I need to take a break and get some exercise ….

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