This is something close to my heart – The Real Bread Campaign.

Everyone will have his or her own idea of what constitutes Real Bread, but here’s how the Campaign defines it:

Real Bread is that made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives.*

Simple, eh?

* Don’t forget to check the flour you use to make sure none get into your dough that way…

The bit hippy idealist, bit concerned (former) farmer and part health freak was aroused in me over the discovery of this site. As die-hard readers of my blog may be aware, I come from an agricultural background. This means I am intensely interested in where and how the produce I consume comes from. The maxim – “You are what you eat” – has led to a quiet, slow but steady revolution in what we eat and purchase in our household. We are conscious of the food miles an item has to travel and the packaging it comes in – if there is a choice between a plastic wrapped 70p Spanish Cucumber in a Supermarket or walking an extra Kilometer to purchase a British, home produced, cucumber (the grocer we use shies away from plastic) that cost £1.25 Kathryn & I choose to buy British.

I am well aware that this may be interpreted as a patriotic rant – however, our choice is backed by sound reason. I will save that for another blog entry – yet the facts are apparent. Rant over.

Anyway, because of my concern (health, environmental, economic etc. etc.) I have started baking my own bread. True story!

I am borrowing my parents breadmaker (a Panasonic SD-206) and I am crap at it. I figure it would be easy, yet, I cannot use a bread machine. It is not the actual figuring out of the controls just the end result looks like burnt elephant poo and has the approximate density of a brick.

I keep on tinkering with the recipe and will hopefully have something worth sharing with you at one point. Meanwhile, that flat is smelling gorgeous (full of bread smells) and I am getting fatter. I have tagged this post with Baking (please see the bottom of the page) so the intrepid reader can keep abreast of developments. It is pretty much all I have been doing of late.

Better dash – the bread machine is beeping ….

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