Today has seen a (worrying) amount of change in Technology in our house. As readers of this blog may know – I am a self confessed geek, having amassed all sorts of needless, pointless things with a microchip in them (my bread maker has a micro-processor in it for example).

Today I had a clear out and some how managed to get even more technology into our tiny flat. First to go was the old laptop I won in a bet. Having recently got a wireless keyboard for my iPad, there was very little reason to hold onto a Windows Laptop. Temporarily, the iMac (late 2009) is out of the flat on its holidays, the Apple TV has been exchanged for a Xbox 360S (a good deal for me).

Well – what the hell bought this bought on? Mania!

I have not slept properly since Sunday (now v. early Thursday) and when that happens I try and make life as streamline as possible with circuit boards.

I tried getting L. A. Noire working on the iMac but it was a sputtery mess of a thing and was not much fun (almost an embarrassment) to look at. I picked this game up, originally, on Steam (please see a previous blog entry) but wanted the full gaming experience. Hence the xbox. It was a straight swap with a lady in a gadget exchange in town – she was very informative as to what and how each individual xbox is different and what they do.

I picked up L. A. Noire for xbox at the cost of only £5 from CEX on Beulah Street. £5; that is about the price of a pint of Erdingher in my new favourite watering hole, Major Tom’s Social (more on that at another date).

I got home from my mid-town meander and had a go at the xbox – to no avail. I quicl;y realised that the HDMI (on the console) to DVI (on the TV) would not conduct sound. Thing is, in my bull-in-a-china-shop way of doing things (ie completely resetting the xbox four times and panicking when it was not working) I did not consult the Google Oracle and follow simple instructions. Admittedly, it took a call to my mate Allan to find that DVI does not conduct sound (he runs an Audio Visual Business) but I got there. Thing is I got there at 20:02 – two minutes after Maplin had closed, stalling all gaming experience until first thing tomorrow! Frustrated, yes.

Sleep does not beckon due to mild mania and a my first ever migraine …. but we will see how it goes.

I will report back tomorrow around mid day to tell how the gaming is going ….. fingers crossed!

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