I have a friend called Stewart – no biggy, many people do too. My friend Stewart, as well as being a top bloke, has an excellent radio show called Sound Of Wonder. Here is the back catalogue representing Sound Of Wonder. (On a radio tip – I had been getting quite a bit of attention for my shows – so I have moved them off my blog and on to my artist site at www.andybackhouse.com – if you want to listen to any of the Artapes shows then please head over there.)

Stew calls over my place once a week to put his voice to the music – and what a voice that is! Somewhere between a cat purring and the sound of of a sea wind through Marram Grass. Stewart’s growl lulls you to the revelation that you left the oven on – and you promptly have to switch it off.

Jokes aside, Stewart gives up his own time to come over to mine so that we can catch up and record a show. The show, Sound Of Wonder, started out on Harrogate Alternative Radio – but – as that station went belly up (sponsor pulled out) we had to look for pastures new.

Sound of wonder is currently broadcast on Easy Street Radio every Sunday. Stuart often brings a few cans with him so that we can catch up and have a natter in my kitchen – however, this has tailed off ….

See, Stewart, has given up alcohol for the duration of Andy & Tracey’s cycle ride across the states – that is another two month of zero alcohol for Scooby. At first he tried to assuage his thirst with zero alcohol beer – but – as I can testify – zero alcohol beer just makes you want the real thing even more. It really is a challenge for Stewart (as it would be for anybody who likes to drink unusual and exotic ales). Stuart is my drinking companion in Major Tom’s and I miss him taking the Mikey during a session. So that it worth his while – would you mind dipping your hand in to your pocket and sparing as much as a pint to act as sponsorship. The link necessary is HERE. It is tortuous to see the man suffer so – please, don’t let this noble cause go unheeded! We have all come to the conclusion that we would rather cycle the width of USA, like Andy & Tracey, rather than miss out on the excellent beer that is on offer in Harrogate.

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