Just as I thought my sleep pattern was getting on some sort of an even keel I went and had a twenty four hour stretch of wakefulness. However, the past nine hours have been out and out geekery!

I am in the process of cleaning up an old Laptop for sale and therefore getting all of the files off it – the only thing I will miss about the laptop is the fact it has a wealth of games available for it (I stick to Apple normally and the games on that are not the best). If you scroll down a few inches, you will see a blog post about my Steam deets – the app I use to get my games. This is what I would miss.

I was whilst I was checking my blog’s links on my mac that I saw, in my Steam profile, that the app is available for mac too! I was over the moon! However, it quickly dawned on me that it is down to what individual platform the games have been released on as to whether I could play them – mac was still out for L. A. Noire.

As ever, I turned to 20 years of messing about with tech and installed Parallels Desktop, then I installed WINDOWS 8.1 on the MAC!!!!!

I could run a platform of Steam that would enable me to play L. A. Noire on my MAC!

Sod that, I could play any Windows programme on my iMac – and it rocks! With the proceeds of the impending sale of the Laptop (a great Acer Aspire) I will replace my feeble iMac hard drive (500GB) with a gaming beast (2TB) and slay all before me!


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