There are no real “Goodbyes” – Just postponements to the final “Cheerio.”

Tonight was one of those times – Me and the wife wished Tracey & Andy Dennis bon voyage on their trip to the USA. What for? A holiday? Hell no – these two are cycling across the states from San Fransisco to New York to raise much needed funds for MSF.

They are putting their body on the line for a charitable cause – God knows the hardships those two will endure to raise money for the most in need. Tracey’s Just Giving Page is here and Andy’s Just Giving Page is Here. Please think about dipping deep in to your pockets to help them reach their goals.

How has it affected us on an emotional level – well, I thought I would be consumed with emotion. I was – but not of the tearful negative kind. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride to be associated with these two clusterf*cks – they are stand up examples of what it is to be a compassionate being.

Andy Dennis is a regular superman – he has volunteered in the Ebola clinics of Sierra Leone & also volunteered in South Sudan. He is every example of Nietzsche’s Moral Superman. Tracey comes from a more personal, human side of the equation. Tracey is a regular girl who seems to have been caught up in something that is greater than she expected – but, Hell! She is coping admirably! Both of you are what I aspire to be.

Both of these two are heroes in my book – but then so are their support team. Take Lily la Belle – she has helped raise tens of thousands of pounds through her Burlesque Without Borders. DJ Scooby keeps on rocking with Metal Sans Frontiers and always, always Andy & Tracey – constantly trying to raise funds for those who are most deprived of medical aid in areas affected by Natural Disaster Famine or Conflict in the world.

Yes there are others I have missed off the list but they will have a chance to tell me about what they get up to at Tracey & Andy’s triumphant return party – hell, that will be some party. Harrogate, brace yourself!


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