Thought I had better put to type what has been going on over the past few weeks as I have not really had the time to sit down …. for …. oooh ….

I am earning money by doing what I love most (other than cake – mmmmm cake) … as a Freelance Web Site Designer – my immediate boss, Simon, is a great man; he has helped open doors to me that would have otherwise stayed closed. With these new found contacts, I am building up enough work to keep me occupied whilst I recover from that thing.

Yes, it has been in the pipeline for a while and, yes, I am a lucky so-and-so for being able to do this. But, I am struggling to see how it is happening to me – see, it has been a while since anything excessively good has happened to me (2011 to be exact). Now January 2016 is here and things are going full belt! Thank you so much Simon & Michelle! x

On the twentieth I became a biological uncle. My brother’s wife, Hannah, gave birth to a gorgeous 9lb’er and they have named her Sarah. I have yet to meet her – but once my insomnia is over the worse of it I will be round there like a shot. I have seen some photos and she is beautiful – really squidgy looking baby cheeks, button nose and radiant smile.

My wife, Kathryn’s, business is getting off the ground – she has been employed to walk even more dogs! She has a habit of falling in love with every hound that she is asked to walk – quite charming but ….. well, is it unprofessional? I mean, she is charged to look after part of her employer’s family – so this is a good thing that she does fall in love with her charges and looks after them to the best of her ability, I reckon. It is just the saying ‘Goodbye’ that pains her.

An old Friend, Sar, got in contact with me again on Christmas Day – we have been exchanging a few texts since – she seems to think that I have remained care-free: I try and point out to her that there is a down side. I seem to be slightly more scatter brained than 2015 – maybe it is old age catching up with me – well, if I am still being ID’d in ASDA for a bottle of beer at, quickly approaching, 35 then something has to give way.

I have been invited to take part in an arts festival down on the south coast in the middle of next month – very close to my birthday, so I am excited about that. Still unsure how it will pan out, but it prove to be exciting and strenuous – I am not looking forward to the drive down there.

So, I am facing 2016 with a refound (and profound) sense of optimism. The birds are starting to tweet so I had better try and come down off the ceiling as Kathryn will be up soon ….. I reckon I will go try and solve a murder in my favourite computer game, L.A. Noire.

Thank you for reading this far …

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