Me and Kathryn were not really in the spirit for a big do. On Monday 30th December 2013 we buried a relative – it was a quiet humanist service on the outskirts of Stoke-On-Trent. The minister holding the service reminded us (but not in a morose way) that death comes to everyone and we should relish and treasure the moments between birth and death.

The death was on my wife’s side of the family.

It was great to see my wife’s cousins – just, it was a pity it was under such miserable circumstances.

Still,  was glad I could make it to support the grieving family – even if I was no use. See I had not gone to sleep since the Saturday before hand and it was touch and go as to whether I would have the health to make it. However, I manned up no end for it and made it there on time.

Upon returning to Harrogate, I was of no use to man nor beast so went to bed at 1730.

Having slept until 8am the next morning I was in fine fettle. I saw the new year in in style with Kathryn  and then popped out for a quiet pint with my mate Allan – not getting home until 5am January 1st. Well, it was one of the rare times Allan has New Year off work and I wanted to say thank you to him for all of the support he has given me throughout 2013.

So it is with much optimism that I welcome 2014 into the house this morning – complete with all of my funny New Year superstitions. These superstitions include parring my nails and wearing new pyjamas on the night of 1st January – thankfully Santa gave me a set for my Christmas this year.

Right, blog entry done – have a blast in 2014!

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