So, buoyed by this review I took the plunge and invested in a work camera – A Fuji X10 to be exact.

I have had some success with Street Photography – getting signed to Getty – but I needed something a bit inconspicuous. I had thought about saving up for a RICOH GR but that would have taken quite a while to reach the amount needed. So, when I saw a second hand Fuji X10 in a shop in town I jumped at the chance.

My first digital camera was a FUJI Bridge camera – the lens was stuck to the body – and as with my first camera the lens is stuck to the body of the X10 (intentionally). The UI is very simple on FUJI – they do not over complicate matters. This is something that I look for in a camera. So, what can this camera do?

  • 4x manual optical zoom featuring Fujifilm’s Intelligent Digital Zoom technology that doubles telephoto capabilities and provides up to 8x zoom
  • Fast power start-up; the X10 is fully ready to shoot in approximately 0.8 seconds using the on/off power switch built into the lens ring (must be in Quick Start mode)
  • High-contrast and wide viewing-angle 2.8″ 460K dot high contrast LCD screen that provides excellent viewing even outdoors and in bright sunlight
  • Diverse manual shooting modes that can be selected according to scene type (Program / Aperture Priority / Shutter Speed Priority / Manual)
  • Four diverse auto bracketing functions for exposure, ISO sensitivity, dynamic range and film simulation
  • RAW shooting and in-camera RAW processing (SilkyPix RAW conversion software supplied in-box)
  • Best-in-class 1080p HD movie recording capabilities
  • Film Simulation Modes (eight setting are available, including Velvia / PROVIA / ASTIA)
  • Manual pop-up flash with a range of 7 meters (approximately 23 feet)
  • Electronic horizon leveling gauge to ensure that the camera is being held level, and histogram display to check image gradation

However, as stated, I will be using this beast for street photography – some would say it is a foolish camera for such a genre, but, I could not use my SONY A6000 due to the noisy shutter.

I have yet to take the camera out on to the street of HG1, but that time can come (sleep issues) so I have just been messing around with the camera in my flat. Here are some of the images. I have tried to emulate a film processing with my post-shot production. Mainly using Fine-Art presets in Alien Skin Exposure.

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