A watch is a very personal thing. Not only do we choose them on their style (and indeed how they match our overall look) but also because of their features, history, and perhaps even brand. But overall, of course, it’s how a watch looks that draws our attention. Whether you’re after a simple timepiece, a retro classic, a watch with a difference or one of the new raft of smart devices that enable you to receive notifications on your wrist, picking a timepiece is a matter that has taken me years to pluck up the courage to do.

So, I went for a Mondaine Evo. I have had my eye on one of these bad boys for years – but, I made a rash decision and purchased an Apple Watch when I should have bought the Mondaine. Still, traded in my Apple Watch and got a Mondaine – I can’t take it off my wrist, I love it!

The simple design, the unmistakable easy-to-read face, distinctive hands and the famous red seconds hand have made Mondaine timepieces uniquely recognized the world over. Ingenuity and simplicity are the combined elements that distinguish and define a truly iconic design classic. The Mondaine Official Swiss Railways watches embody these elements and proudly exemplify excellent 20th century design.

In 1944 Hans Hilfiker, a Swiss engineer & designer employed by the Federal Swiss Railways created a clock that has become known as the “Official Swiss Railways Clock”. Then, in 1986, the Mondaine Watch Company was inspired by the face and turned it into a watch.

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