I have been redoing Ijo Pona as I woke up at 1am this morning.

No biggy in itself – I have a very disrupted sleep pattern due to ongoing health issues: I am out of the worst of my health issues but there is still a bit of it lingering (has been for 16 years).

I took the inspiration for the new look of my site from my old SEGA Master-system. I had an in built edition of Alex The Kid In Miracle World and was a lot of fun.

The only real thing that will take a lot of work is that I now need to overhaul the Tags / Categories of Ijo Pona. Should be ready for a couple of hours after that. I have also created a new look banner for the site – this is in keeping with the 8-Bit aesthetic.

Below is a screenshot of the current landing page:


FireShot Capture 7 - Ijo Pona - Procrastinations of thought. - http___ijopona.org_

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