Don’t worry, same-old-same-old here on Ijo Pona – however, I have started a new blog. The new blog is only for music reviews. On I will write what I think about avant-garde music albums.

So far, I only have around four or so reviews – but it is growing. There is a really good review of Henri Chopins “La Plaine Des Respirs” on there and it is proving a lot of fun. I am already having people submit their work for me to review plus I collect avant-garde music. So, there will always be a back log and there will always be an excuse to purchase new music.

The name ‘Sigil Of Brass’ is taken after the song by Doom Metal pioneers, Earth. Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II is an album that stayed with me and still gets heavy rotation. Whilst it will not get reviewed on the site Sigil Of Brass – I figure there are enough reviews of that album already – it is a seminal work and deserves to be in everyone’s collection. Dylan Carlson’s guitar is the sweetest it has sounded since “Bees …” album and Adrienne’s drumming is spot on – the Cello and Bass add to the atmospherics of the album turning it in to a slow, evolving, dynamic body of music.

I have a history of running labels, hosting & curating radio shows and performing music in his own right. On this site, I review music that appeals to me. There will be no mud-slinging on Sigil Of Brass. If you think you have an album that you wish me to review then please drop it off using this link.

It hopes to be a friendly community of one chap (me) but I will probably grow bored of it soon and leave it alone – but it has filled the time for a sleepless few nights.

I have also embedded my readio show on the site – I will try and use The Parish News (radio show) as a bridge between the label I have (Focused Silence) and the review blog that I write (Sigil Of Brass).

Whilst it will never pay the bills – it is keeping me out of mischief.

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