The weekend boiled and then simmered – that was just the heat coming off the pavement outside. The temperature has been ludicrously high with it only raining twice in two months. I am a bit worried about the wildlife in the area (if there is anything other than rats).

What did I get up to at the weekend? Well, Friday was a sleepless one due to the anxiety of the coming Saturday; I was visiting Home Farm. I am cool with it (almost) but it still throws me out of my comfort zone.

Kathryn Met Polly

The hound was great – however, there was a firework convention in the field at the bottom of the garden that night and Mrs Backhouse’s Dog Whispering skills were called upon. Poor Jess got into a bit of a tizz but we manage to soothe her nerves.

Matteo, Bella and Sarah seemed to enjoy the fireworks – so did dad who drove us home, lots of loud bangs. My brothers mum-in-law made an appearance for the fireworks and it was great to catch up with her – I managed to have the last dance with her at my Brother’s wedding … way back when …

I managed to record this –



Sunday was a bit of a write of as I was catching up with sleep – no real biggy, but it was something that needed doing. Monday was a hell of a day.

I found a lump.

When I went to dry myself with a towel, I glanced against an oddity. The NHS were great. I phoned the GP around 10:30 and I had an appointment for 4pm – the Doctor was calm and methodical, a real professional. He calmed me down and reassured me it was okay – I wasn’t in a flap, but it’s nice to know I don’t have cancer.

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