TBH I have been thinking of stopping blogging all together – what with my brief foray into daily blogging it really did kill it a bit.

My resolution was to try and blog as much as possible this year … something I have not been able to do. See, the radio station has come back on air and I am spending a lot of time sorting that out. When i am not doing that, well, I am starting a furniture importing business you see.

Yup, me and the wife are going into business. She helps choose the product we will sell and then I am in charge of the digital aesthetics. May sound easy but it is proving to be all consuming.

I also tried starting a MOOC – a free ‘study in your own time’ thingy – run by Microsoft. That is not going to plan: Lesson 1 and I am out my depth! It is on the implementation of Bootstrap – I think I will just stick to browsing through the course literature and see if I can develop (another) interest.

Health-wise – seem to be ticking over nicely, really. Yes, I am Blogging at 02:45 on a school night but then I have nothing to get up for in the morning. Sleep does not beckon so I had to cancel the coffee I was going to drink with David.

Right-e-oh! Catch up with you soon!

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