… and it was a good way to see it in!

After my old man nap (that took up half of the day during New Years Eve) I was powered up and ready to party. A popular town centre bar was employing me to present an Electric Wireless Presentation (DJ) of the hits of the day.

I was quite nervous about the whole thing, not having got behind the decks for quite sometime and felt a bit rusty.

The bar was worryingly quiet when I turned up – the Landlord was starting to worry – but it was their first time open on a New Years Eve in Harrogate. They were rammed on Xmas Eve so we were anticipating an influx of Biblical proportions.

The equipment selected to DJ was my old TRAKTOR Z1 & iPad Mini. Figure it figured as my Digital Vinyl System was on the blink – Laptop or actual records I am unsure. It was definitely a no go area due to the stability of the system. So I had to downgrade to a purely digital set.

It really was a tricky one to gauge. Due to the nature of the bar I had to balance Hipster aloofness with upfront party. I was starting to struggle to maintain that balance.

I resorted to some tried a tested (well baked) alternatives and received my first DJ compliment; a man, who stood at around 6′ 4″, strode over to where I stood. I thought he was going to smack me one but he shock my hand out of sheer gratitude for playing music that he liked. He said, in a broad accent, that he was a Brum native and the music on at the time (a load of Burning Spear) reminded him of home. It made my night.

Within two minutes of that happening I was approached by an Essex boy asking for Rihanna – he had yet to be served yet walked into the bar and wanted to change the carefully constructed ambience. Twit.

The bar keeps were fantastic. The manager, Josh, held the fort as the Landlord ‘enjoyed’ himself (he ended up asking me to play something people will know whilst I was playing Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting”!). There is an amazing person who works there called India – she said I should DJ festivals. Wowser Trousers!

My regular drinking partner, and really good friend, DJ Scoob was in attendance with his lovely wife, Lily la Belle. Scooby supplied Lily with half a pint of rum and coke which she sipped tentatively as Scooby worked his way through most of the rare beers stocked in the venue. One of the highlights for 2014 was meeting and becoming friends with this couple. They have stuck by me when I have done some silly things and hopefully they will stick with me for the rest of my days. It seemed quite fitting to see the year out with these two and my wife.

The countdown started early, then was corrected and I played a song that whipped up a minor riot: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

We partied until 01:15 then went to Matt’s for a bit of a party.

The beer and pizza was flowing and slopping and my wife enjoyed herself immensely too. We didn’t get home until 04:10 and loved every minute of it. It was great to see Matt & Allan – two of my greatest friends.

So, it just leaves me to say this – thank you to all of those who made 2014 such a great year for me and my Mrs.


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