… I have a Sound Devices MixPre 6 on its way – it should be here by the end of Friday (it is currently Friday around 0330) and I am so excited I can’t sleep.

Granted – I had a rough day of it yesterday; my head has been all over the place due to being housebound due to the weather. But, with the help of the CMHT and The World’s Best Wife™ I am sure I will pull through. My sister has been amazing to me – she is due all the chocolate. My brother is getting spewed on by his daughter.

In essence, I was losing a battle with my wits – thankfully I have accidentally outwitted a half-wits wit, what!

But back to the main reason I am blogging. I will soon be in possession of a Sound Devices recording rig – an ambition that I have longed to fulfil. It seems to be the best rig for the price out there. Granted, you will have Aaton and Giant Sound but they are priced out of my range at around £12k.



The above video is a (quite long) walkthrough of the main features of the thing. It can record in 192/24 and the pre-amps are legendary. It may seem a bit of an obscure hobby, Field Recording – but, everyman needs a vice.

I will use it for Field Recording – something you could call Phonography.

Here it is –


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