In exchange (a swap) for a NUMARK MIXTRACK PRO II dj Interface, Allan Smyth Audio Visual purchased and built a Gristleizer effects unit for me. I plumped for the Set top box and I am very pleased with it so far – whenever I use it I feel like I am sat astride a wild horse, holding on for dear life and with no ability to tame the beast. And it truly is a beast. Below, you can listen to The Weird Sound Generator (a synthesiser I built in a lunchbox) being passed through The Gristleizer. I fattens up the sound no end to a point where it allows me to have all I need for live Drone performances.

However, this is rural North Yorkshire and I doubt local venues will be falling over themselves to book me.

I have to say, the service I received from ASAV was second to none. They meticulously ensured I had the correct power supply (18V AC!) and it seemed to have become a labour of love to get the thing into my possession so both he and I could have a blast on it.

It has both VCA & VCF capabilities and an assortment of waves to pass your sound through. There are, well constructed, dials for Frequency (complete with flashing indicator), Depth, Wave Form, Bias & Level – there is also the standard bypass option.

It, however and apparently, was extremely complicated to build – not advised for a novice like myself apparently. It has a rugged housing and is very well put together. I am very happy with the result.

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