How To Embed Your Youtube Channel On Facebook


  • Click the big blue button that says “Add static HTML to a page”



  • Choose your fan page from the drop-down menu > Click “Add page Tab”



  • Go to your fan page and you will see the app icon (a grey background with a star on it) in the vicinity of the box that tells you how many ‘likes’ you have. Click on it.



  • Click on ‘Edit Tab’



  • If it doesn’t load on the Static HTML sub-app, click ‘more apps’ and select “Static HTML (it is on the left of the screen)



  • Open a new browser tab



  • Go to and enter your details. There are a load of customisable options so you get the right amount of videos looking just how you want them.



  • Generate the code (at the bottom left of the page)



  • Copy the HTML code and change browser tabs so you are back in the Static HTML: frames tabs – Static HTML sub-app and paste where it tells you to.



  • Save / Preview / View in Facebook.



  • Enjoy! To see what it looks like, check out my previous post.



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