Years ago, when I went to school – I knew a mate called Jon. He now has a custom guitar business operating from the Highlands of Scotland (close to where my Mum is from). We got chatting on Facebook and I agreed to help him out by building a site so he can sell his guitars to a wider market.

The result is Dead Horse Custom Guitars – a site I am very proud of. It is built in the way I build most of my sites, using RWD (Responsive Web Design). Like this site. To see how responsive web design works, take the corner of your web browser and make the window as small as possible – see how the site rearranges itself to fit in the window?

I do not yet know if Jon wants me as an un official web site manager (doing a favour to a friend) or just for me to teach him how to use the site. Either way it has been absolutely fantastic chatting to him again – we have a lot of shared memories.

Even though we have not seen each other for the best part of nearly sixteen years, we picked up as we left. My Dad employed us and a group of other kids from South Dalton to go Wild Oat Rouging in the hot summer of 1997 (and it was a hot summer!). Wild Oat Rouging is easily the best job I have ever done. Because the Barley & Wheat is so close to harvest, it is unsafe to use Herbicides to try and get rid of the Wild Oats that shoot up during the summer. It makes healthy sense to employ a gang of local urchins to pull out the Wild Oats, stuff them in the sacks on our backs and dump them in a trailer so a responsible adult can drive them away.

With the number of girls on the team, I admit my attention was not focused on getting the job done – just to suck in my pot belly and try and act mature and sophisticated in the hope of impressing the girls. It did not work.

……….. when I publicly committed to Blogging every day for 2013 I realised that a lot of the Blog would be drivel or piffle, but I suppose if you get talking to someone you spent one of the best summers of your life with, the result will be a spewing of nostalgia.

Today’s interaction with Jon has made me thankful for my childhood.

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