Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II. Yesterday Elizabeth II reached 90 years young – a great achievement in anyone’s book – good on her. In this blog article I would like to publicly state my opinion on what the royal family means to me – please bear in mind this is my own opinion on the British Monarchy.

First thing is first, the very fact I am allowed to express my opinion on the head of state means that the head of state is doing a grand job in my book. Queen Elizabeth II has skillfully personned the helm of this country for nearly as long as living memory exists. She has weathered many storms and yet gracefully kept her dignity.

However, it is quite in vogue to have a pop at the monarchy and to say they are outdated relics of a bygone age – but then the argument is that so are stone circles, cathedrals, castle, Morris Dancing & the Spice Girls. But, it would not be the Britain I love without them.

I am not just appealing for instant nostalgia for the house of Windsor. No, I believe they do a good job doing what they do – we need a figure head for our country. What if we voted a constitutional monarch in – no? I do not think that anyone who was voted in would be able to guide our great nation as skillfully and as gracefully as Queen Elizabeth II. The main argument against the royals is that they are born in to it – but that is also their greatest defense: they have been raised to lead the lead the country from afar.

My only gripe with the royal family is the amount of money that they are paid. The BBC is quoted as –

News that the Crown Estate returned record profits of £285m last year means the Queen is expected to receive a further £2m in public funding next year. But just how rich is the Queen and where does her wealth come from?

Now then, does she really need as much – I appreciate that she gives a portion of this as charitable donations – but surely a ‘Living Wage’ for the monarchy is something we should talk about – what with us being in the age of austerity and Queen Elizabeth recording record profits of £285million. But then – I earn minimum wage at £6.85 / hour: I suppose if I was the constitutional monarch I would want a bit more. Which cycles back to the fourth paragraph ……

So, whilst I was in the pub last night with a few friends (Blind Jack’s, Knaresborough – good beer) we raised a toast to the Queen – I have never felt so patriotic! Happy Birthday your Majesty!

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