That’s the weekend that was …

The 31st of October is tomorrow, but people got drunk and dressed up last night, on the Saturday.

Friday saw me argueing with my computer – I have a new page called The Quantified Self and I will start a new Tag on this blog for the same thing. The Quantified Self is a way of engaging technology with my health – because, let’s face it, when anything is worth doing it is worth doing with tech. I have started to monitor my health with the Apple Watch and iPhone I have had for a bit – I will be posting up the results on this blog for all to see and giggle at.

Saturday was spent pottering about the house with no real intention until about the evening – it then kicked in at a fever pace. We were running incredibly late for Cabaret Without Borders; a fundraiser for MSF that was instigated by the amazing Farasha Albaydaa and Andy Dennis.

We turned up in time to see the last act, Ms. Albaydaa. She was so elegant and refined that it made me prouder to know her in her real-life. This was the first CwB I had been to. I did not know what to expect – but I had missed most of it due to the long walk to get to The Manhattan Club so will have to wait until next time to find out what it is like. Still, the Isis Winged Dance by Farasha was superb and I wish I had had the chance to see more of the night.

I stood next to my hetero-sexual life companion, Scooby, sipping San Miguel and watching the Ebola Tombola* for him when it was his turn to get the pints in.

The band, Rockin Deke Rivers & the Jitters, quickly set up and and played a blistering set of rockabilly classics and had the room dancing – it was ace!

Sunday was a lazy day – I did not venture out of bed until 2pm! The aft was spent making my radio show and helping with the launch of a few albums on my record label, Focused Silence ( The show is below –

At present (2130) I am unsure of how much CwB made on the night – I really hope that it is a good amount – Andy & Farasha deserve to be rewarded for their hard work by totaling a high amount for MSF.

It really is quite humbling to see the amount of work put in by Andy & Farasha. They are backed up by a team of helpers (sometimes I am one of them – health permitting) who spend their allotted free time by trying to raise money for (and the profile of) Doctors Without Borders (MSF / Médecins Sans Frontières).

*Yes, that is it’s name.

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