So, what is GDPR? It is the new set of laws that come into effect today, the 25th May 2018. Every website in the world needs to comply with the rules. It is great/bad at the same time.
Here is one take on it –
I believe that the GDPR is a big improvement on what went before. It gives you more control of your data. It also puts the onus on companies and organisations to ensure they only collect and store data that is necessary for their operations. It is a win for the little man, but at what cost to small businesses?
A lot of small businesses have a newsletter that they may have subscribed you up to. How many subscribers have they lost with the coming of GDPR?
Admittedly, the people who opted out of the newsletter were probably never meant to be on the list for the newsletter. So the company were breaking the law when they put the name on the email-out when without your consent.
So, to many companies, it was unnecessary to mail out the GDPR Request. They were admitting they were breaking the law.
I have also spent a busy few weeks trying to sort out the websites that I have built for the coming of GDPR.
As all the sites I build are WordPress, this was dependant on the updating of WordPress by WordPress HQ. Seems legit, although Ijo Pona now has its own Privacy Policy – you can scope it out HERE.

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