The good lady wife, Kathryn, is away out at a charity fundraiser. Metal sans Frontieres is a rock night that raises money for Doctors Without Borders (Medicins sans Frontieres / MSF) and it is a right laugh.

I try and go to such things but my sleep pattern is a bit wobbly at the minute and I have had to bow out of tonight’s proceedings.

However, I have made a track – here it is:

It is a very laid back IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) type track. I have made music for years – most of the time with zero success. However, buoyed off the back of the success of Guerrilla Dub System I am starting to experiment again.

See, I only really got in to making Dub to see if my musical chops were where they should be. I have a prodigious output as an experimental artist and I just want to see where I am in relation with other tracks.

‘Fish’ is a return to the norm. However, I will not give up on the use of basslines in dub or put down the microphone for Field Recording just yet. I am quite proud of ‘Fish’ – there is not a single Drum Loop in there – I have been using Ultrabeat in Logic to programe all of my drums for years now. Seems to be working.

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  1. Missed you and hope things settle kip wise. This is a very complex and interesting track Andy. I’m amazed to say I very much like it. It’s a fair way from Sinatra or Muddy Waters!


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