Despite my attempt to start blogging “I am feeling X” I am still blogging “This is a post about.” Why is this? It seems a difficult trend to shift – changing the way that I blog is problematic: is it a desire to report? Is it how I see my blog? Is it the very backbone of current trends in Blogging? Either way, this is a blog post about my weekend. The first w/e in May 2017.

A lot of fun-time people have started to consider Thursday to be the first day of the w/e – so let’s start there. Me and my good mate Stewart met up at 10 Devonshire for a libation. DJ Trev was holding his annual ‘May the Fourth’ Star Wars Quiz and things were getting a bit shouty. It would have been great to spend time in there pitting our whits against some serious Star War folk but we had other plans – we were going to record a radio show.

So, we hotfooted it over to Allan’s studio, CREAO Studio, and set up for a night of bad links but excellent music. Stewart really tripped himself up with some of the links but I have watched the man blossom. When he started to do his show he could hardly speak the man was so nervous – now, he has volunteered to speak after every track. He is a credit to himself and it seems to have really helped him come out of his shell. Below is his show …

On Friday afternoon I met up with my mum – she made one of her rare trips in to town and we went to Bean & Bud on Commercial street – it really is the best cup of tea (and coffee!) in town. I had a double espresso and mum went for a pot of house blend – we talked small talk and caught up – it was an innocent meeting of family and reassuring. Mum is retired now and they have plans to move out of the area to a more quieter place – It means that meeting up with mum will become a rarer and rarer thing …

Friday night was part of a new wheeze. I was DJing at RETRO Bar under the name “Andy from Guerrilla Dub System.” Things got quite busy and it was a good atmosphere. Thanks to the bar staff for looking after me and keeping the night flowing. I played a good enough set – mixed tempo and mixed in key – but it seemed to go down okay and there were a few people dancing.

Staturday saw Chico’s Revenge – I ordered a Pizza from the Take-away Chico’s, across the road from RETRO Bar, and then fell asleep immediately after scoffing the cheesy bologna delight. It did not site well the next morning so activity was limited to pacing around the flat with stomach cramp.

Saturday afternoon I met Meagn. Megan is the person who started the Recovery Shoebox Project – a mental health tolkit – that she runs by herself. I had an input in to the building of her website. I helped get up on to my server and showed a good friend, Michelle, how to design the thing. It seems Michelle has caught the design bug and could not stop tinkering with the site all the way until it went live. Me and Michelle’s fiancé popped out for a swift half in Major Tom’s then I set about redesigning my web portfolio –

Sunday was a very lazy day: I did not get out of my Pyjamas, hahaha.

Instead I recorded my radio show – I think I have found a good formula for the show – I was worried that people would tire of hearing my voice. So, I went and stopped speaking. However, I felt I was not making enough of a statement with that format for a show – so the below is a compromise. Part DJ set/ Part Speaky speak.

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