Well, it has been a while since I had the chance to do the show. What with a recent passing of  a loved one and the health difficulties I have been undergoing I could not face committing my voice to tape.

However, good-friend-Allan came to the rescue and opened a studio.

Creao will act as an umbrella organisation, as far as I can understand. Part of this is the on-site recording studio. This show is the third recording from the studio – the first was Scooby’s Sound Of Wonder – recorded a while back. The second recording from the studio was my arty show, The Parish News.

GDS Radio Show LogoHowever, I want to focus on Episode #24 of Guerrilla Dub System’s Radio Show. I have been neglecting this child for some weeks now – but the promise of a session at the BBC has spurred me on to keep the project alive. I have also started sending off demos to see if the work I have been doing is any good.

My production is very “1970’s” and is a bit of a throwback. However, I have had over 8k plays on Soundcloud. I have been looking in to PRS but at £100 starting membership that is a bit steep; maybe wait until I get National airplay.

But the recording of the radio show went well, I will paste it below. The studio is excellent – cork-lined loveliness and decent RØDE Mics to keeps the voice alive. I rocked up with my computer and sound card to just sit there with a cold one and felt in my element.

1.Nice it up ft Charlie P by Mungo’s Hi Fi
2.Coconut Jelly Man (Original Mix) by Cali P, Shanique Marie
3.A Di System by African Brothers
4.Springtime Steppa (Original Mix) by Akcept
5.Burnin’ And Lootin’ by Bob Marley
6.Babylonian by Bunny Lie Lie
7.Why The World Stay So by Charlie Chaplin
8.Budda Bye 2014 (Vocal Mix) by Johnny Osbourne, 6Blocc, Capitol City Rockers
9.Dread (Gorgon Sound Version) by Kahn
10.His Imperial Majesty by Luciano
11.Je ne t’aime plus by Manu Chao
12.Thru Me by Papa Dimes
13.Used to Drive a Tractor In Negrille by Lee “Scratch” Perry

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