First off, I would like to wish you all a very merry Chrimbo – how was it for you? Christmas Eve saw Kathryn and I sampling German Wheat beer in the comfort of our own front room.

The stand out memory of that night was me bursting into tears whilst watching the Snowman And The Snow-Dog – that film was dangerous and should have come with a warning. It almost had as big an effect as the time I watched the film UP with the Mrs. Both films are not for the faint of heart as they are real tear-jerkers.

We both enjoyed ourself on Christmas eve to the extent I got really excited and invited Kathryn to open her Chrimbo Pressie from me just after mid night. Kathryn received a massive book from me – it is a photographic journal of Paris, which is the place we spent our honeymoon. She made all the right noises and seemed to be most pleased with it.

Christmas day saw us sleep in until our hangover woke us up – I started running around wishing people on the street merry Christmas by shouting from the window and it was reciprocated, which gave a Reformed Ebeneezer Scrooge/A Christmas Carol feel about the morning, although there was no snow just a mild drizzle. I received a Raspberry Pi and a great jumper amongst a host of other useful items.

We trundled over to Kat’s Folks for more presents and wine. Christmas Dinner was a no holds barred pig out with flowing wine. The wine was so flowing that Kat’s Dad offered to take me inter-railing next year. A promise he showed some regret making when I reminded him over Christmas cake 2 hours later. After doing the pots, I popped out for a smoke and upon my return found Kat playing poker with out Christmas money – She Won! With my cut I think I might get a Gristleizer Effects Pedal for my synthesiser (if I do get it another blog entry will be written here).

We finally got to meet Kat’s eldest brothers Girlfriend who seems a real sweetheart. He has been courting her for three years but we have never been introduced – it is as if he is embarrassed by me? Ha Ha!

Boxing day is being spent around my rentals at Newby Hall. We are lucky enough to have my paternal Grandparents, Grannie & Grandpa, Uncle David and cousin Ellie – my brother, Michael, Sister Alison are also here.

I am trying my best to stay out of the way and help at the same time but Mum seems to orbit a different star during the festive season. Alison “Spirit Of Xmas” Sister is on top form and ensuring that all are well fed and over drinking.

So it leaves me to, finally, wish all a very merry Christmas! I will try and write a blog article for New Year.

Toodle Pip!

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