Well, how on earth do I go about wording this here blog entry? See it is in the small hours and I am wide awake, bouncing about like a seven year old. Regular readers may be aware that I suffer from clinical insomnia and tonight is ‘one of those nights.’

God knows what I will be like tomorrow – thankfully my immediate family know me as a cranky git so they are prepared for the regular storm. However, this is the first time I have been burning the midnight oil the night before Xmas Day – not for the faint of heart, I tell thee.

I have sunk three cups of camonmile tea in the past hour and it does certainly not seem to be doing the job. Hence this blog …..

Well, what do I want for Xmas? I know what I have for Xmas as I was the person that secured the sale and eventual transportation of the goods to this address (Home Farm). Well, what do I have …. that would be telling, don’t peek or rustle the paper. What have I got Kathryn? A Necklace hand made in Tel Aviv, cast in sterling silver. Kathryn is the love of my days and she means the world to me – just hope I can be there for her tomorrow.

I will post up the photos in the morning or on Boxing Day when I am back home for all to see.

What else would I like for Xmas …. well, if World Peace can’t be attained let’s hope there is a good Dr. Who special.

Catch you in a bit

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