Saturday night saw Kat and me visit our good friends Cathy and Andi. Their son is off to uni soon so it was just a flying visit.

After they treated me to a gin and tonic and Kathryn a sparkling rose, they ate their meal in peace without their dog barking – the only thing that seems to calm their dog down in my presence is Kathryn. It seems the dog has it in for me!

Once rested and (they were) fed, Cathy suggested we all pile in the car and head off to Brimham Rocks. Brimham Rocks is a local honeypot (GCSE Geography term for a locality that attracts a lot of visitors due to its scenery) owned by the National Trust. At first, Andi got a bit grumpy and refused to go – but by the time we got there he was all smiles. We bought Alfie the dog and he was happy as lorry skipping between the rocks.

The highlight for me was Andi showing me some weather worn craters in some of the rocks. If you put your head in them and hum is resonates like mad and is an incredible site to behold.

My regret for the evening was that I forgot to bring my Leica – all I had was my shoddy iPhone camera (scratched).

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