So, this weekend I turned another year closer to 40 – two years off it as of late. Yet, I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. I am loving being in my thirties and more power to those who say life begins at 40 – I am one person who is looking forward to the year.

Well, what did I get up to for my 38th Birthday? Friday was a bit of a write off due to ill health – I was not up to much and I slept most of it. Pity as an awesome bar-keep at a pub I frequent, well, it was Anna’s last shift & I wish I could have made an appearance.

Saturday was spent working – i seem to have been putting in as many hours as possible with my day job and it is reaping dividends. However, I managed to take Kathryn out for a meal on Saturday night. The destination was DOMO, 8 Montpellier Street.

The food was good – I ordered a bowl of vegetarian dumplings for starters, Kathryn went with the Calamari. Kathryn order the worlds hottest curry for main and I ordered Udon Noodles – we had to swap which was a regret when the bought out the beef for my course. They managed to heat up a metal plate to around 4000ºc and the beef was cooking as they served it – not the best if you are a vegetarian, but, I am not and this was melt in your mouth delicious.

We washed it down with Japanese beers and hot-footed to Tom’s for a beverage.

We woke on Sunday to hear that the scheduled Big Bad Sunday had been cancelled due to ill health on the DJ’s account – it is not for me to tittle-tattle so I won’t go in to details but I hope he recovers soon – Harrogate needs him.

It was with a sad heart I set out to go for a few beverages with Fun-Time Allan. I was not really in the mood to drink. But, that is the thing with Allan. He turns all times into fun times – I was blasted into the future by lager brewed to German Purity laws. It really was a good session – we had a good chat with good people and things were good. Sam, the amazing bar keep, did this for me:

After this I went home for more beer, pizza and cake. All in all, I seem to be enjoying my 38th year. I seem to have received a lot of love on Social Media for the simple act of living another year – one year that is not to be sniffed at.

I am still amazed that I lived out my twenties. I have beaten the odds.

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