As you are aware, I have been unable to update my Blog for around a month. The reason that caused this is that I was Battling The White Screen Of Death – this is where I tried to access my site but was only met with a white screen, weird.

Thanks to my friend, Matt, for his words of encouragement and an all round education (I found out Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska) I managed to remedy the situation. All I had to do was load a Backup from long enough ago so that I would not be confronted by the White Screen Of Death.

Well, what have I been up to recently? The Tidswell Noise Collective played a sell out show in K’boro supporting So Like Dorian & Alex Monk. It seemed to go down well. We all (the musicians) got on stage and jammed together for 15 minutes at the end of the show – my personal highlight. We then decamped to VIBE @ Zoso and partied until the small hours.

The next Saturday saw me and Kathryn head of to Leeds Uni to go to DAMNATION – an indoor Metal Festival. The headline act was a band named Carcass – my highlight was meeting the lead from ROSETTA and buying a t-shirt off him.

Throughout the month much has been the same really, just ticking along nicely.

Went to The Fenton Pub in Leeds to go to a Doom Metal night (Sold Out) which was ace. Had to miss the last act – pity because they had come all the way from Germany – due to train times (sort it out Northern Rail) but it was an awesome night.

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