Recently I have been pootering about on my computer and sorting stuff out. One of the things I have been sorting out (and inevitably organing) is Baffled Geography. As readers of this blog may be aware, I have been increasingly involved in photographical shenanigans recently. The out put of this is manifold twice – there may be a job for me at Zoso Bar, Harrogate, as the Club Photographer + the other one is the website

It is about the website I wish to write about now – it is making progress!

Baffled Geography is a collective of Street Photographers that will eventually put out a physical product – ie a coffee table book of the photographs we have taken. I have recently recruited two big hitters from Leeds, Robert Norbury and Steph Last – both well respected Photographers.

Steph is studying Photography at Leeds College Of Art – she created the website and is all about social interaction with the artwork she so highly regards.

The other one, Bob – I am a big fan of. Bob won a prize last year from the National Portrait Gallery, London, for his Street Photography. He sent over some incredible images for the site. I met both of them (in cyber space) on the Leeds Psychogeography Group on Facebook.

As I say – it is a not-for-profit venture. I have asked photographers I respect to, hopefully, submit some work. The photos will be on the site (more on that later ….) and available as a print on demand coffee table book. All of this is still a work in progress and we are looking for more submissions, but I am very pleased with how it is turning out. Okay, no-one will buy the book, but it keeps me busy and stops me rattling around my box – sometimes I go out on photo-walks, just to take photos. It is a cathartic pastime.

The site itself is built using the Stacey Lightweight CMS – it is a bit out of my WordPress comfort zone, but I have had a go at coding and am quite pleased with the results – please, feel free to take a peak at it yourself.


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