Tonight I went to the pub – no biggy – I go to the quite often when I can. Tonight’s destination was Major Tom’s Social – again – no biggy. But, what was the occasion – well it was the launch night of Andy Dennis’ & Tracey’s cycle ride across the US of A.

Those two people (Tracey & Andy) are cycling across America to raise money for the people who are in most in need of medical attention in the world – Tonight took the form of a band, a(n excellent) presentation and a DJ set by the legend that is DJ Scooby.

What did I get from this? Apart from an excuse to blog at 11pm whilst horrendously drunk? I got humility.


Plain and simple humility. The presentation given to the room by Andy & Tracey was something that moved me to weep – really. Andy delivered a touchingly humble account of his work as a MSF Nurse in South Sudan and the Ebola clinics. He bought a human touch to what seems a somewhat remote subject – I mean, the things this man has lived through is something you watch on the telly whilst sipping your bovril and moaning about the recycling.

I have been involved with Andy & Tracey for a number of months – this really hammered home why they do what they do.

So – the night started with an acoustic duo playing covers – all very respectable and highly skilled. If I ever get to the point where I can play the guitar like those two guys then I may have achieved something. The covers were not too daring, but it was a comfortable vibe that settled the audience into what could be new surrounding and it worked well. They did a top job.

Next up was Dennis (Andy). As stated above, he gave a personal account of what it was like to work in the Ebola clinics of Africa during the epidemic …. I would normally try and wax lyrical about how I was moved to weep during it. But, seriously, if you are the manager of a group of people who often have speakers in then please book Andy. My words cannot do justice to the adult compassion that was expressed by the man whilst he was out there, in Africa, doing his thing.

Next on the roster was Tracey – Andy is joining Tracey’s cycle ride across America and I was quite keen to hear her speak. Why was I quite keen to hear her speak? Well, Andy Dennis is a seasoned pro – he has given his presentation numerous time. However, this was only the second time Tracey had spoken in to a Microphone (the first was this morning on BBC York!). Tracey told the room in an accessible, human (yet professional) fashion about the mountains (literally & figuratively speaking) that they will need to climb. Tracey’s presentation was second to none and rivaled Andy’s in terms of professionalism. You go girl! She appealed to people back home (in the UK) to share the posts, comment on articles and keep the dream alive.

I mean – Andy & Tracey will be out of contact / Harrogate for a good few months – it is up to us / me to keep on reminding people about what they are doing and why they are doing it. It is up to everyone who reads this blog to keep on reminding people about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

After the presentation was a DJ set by the one and only DJ Scooby – Scoob played a mixture of Big Band and Rock n Roll. It went down well. My personal highlight was “The Teddy Bears Picnic.” Scoob plays vinyl only – he has the market cornered for big band in Harrogate and has a residency at Major Tom’s every second Saturday. He has achieved a new level of awesomeness by helping Andy & Tracey raise much needed funds for MSF.

So, what can you do to help Andy & Tracey? Well, for a start you can visit their blogs to keep abreast of details. Andy’s blog is and Tracey’s is – then, once you have checked out their blog, please consider dipping in to your pocket to give some much needed funds to MSF. If you have the finances, please visit Tracey’s Just Giving Page or Andy’s Just Giving Page. Rest assured that 85p of every £1 is spent on aid – I gathered from an infograph that 10p form every £1 is spent on Fundraising and 5p from every £1 is spent on admin costs.

Well, what are you waiting on ….

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