Well, I figure with the adage “A Healthy Body, A Healthy Mind” I had better do something about my Tonnes Of Fun physique. I have been inspired by my sister, Alison, to take up ‘Jogging.’ I am still unsure if that is with a Hard ‘J’ or a soft ‘J’ ….

I admit that Beer, cigarettes and a sedentary lifestyle have not made this an easy quest – but Beer, cigarettes and a sedentary lifestyle have practically made it necessary to take this past-time up. I used to be above average fitness – I used to be able to beat the bleep test (albeit when I was 17 years old) but I figure twenty years of smoking (now, safe to say, an ex-smoker) would have wrecked havoc on me.

Alison, my sister recommended a podcast called Couch to 5K. Couch to 5K is an audio running plan designed to get complete beginners from couch potato to running 5K (or 30 minutes) in nine weeks. Simply download the podcasts and off you go!

It claims to be:

  • Achievable: starting with a mix of running and walking and building up slowly.
  • Free: all you need is a decent pair of trainers and an MP3 player.
  • Easy: a motivating ‘personal trainer’ tells you exactly when to stop and start.

So, I checked out the iTunes link – HERE – and the reviews were glowing:

After 20 years of absolutely no exercise and sitting behind a desk I am finding this podcast to be fantastic. I have just completed run 3 of week 5 (20 minutes running) just by using this podcast. Soon after I started this program I looked at the 3 minute runs and had my doubts. I did them and then came the 5 minute runs and now after 10 days of running I am running non stop for 20 minutes. And it wasn’t too difficult which is down to the structure of the program rather than my being in any kind of shape at all. The program is very well structured. This has been designed by someone who really knows about running and how to increase your stamina/fitness without stretching you unrealistically. It is all achievable. The lady’s tips and encouragement also help along the way and the music is set at the right pace. Like the lady said before today’s run ‘have faith in the plan’. I did and it works. –

2stone overweight 50 year old very unfit woman who has never run! I AM RUNNING! I have followed this podcast and then got myself home as fast as possible after ( jog/walk) so have done a little more on top. – Sunbedsally

I’m on week 3 now and I love the fact that the girl speaks to you throughout the run giving you motivational tips and pushing you. It’s all free and very structured even better than some paid apps. The music is ok – not like your own music but it definitely matches your beat which is really motivating. –

Well, figure I have nothing to lose with this practically-free way of regaining my fitness. I have a pair of trainers and a device that can play podcasts – so I will set to it and report back. I will create the Tag for this – Couch to 5K – and report back on progress. My biggest apprehension about all of this is the state of my left knee. After a full dislocation of the joint (bedridden for 6 weeks) things could prove tetchy. I can see my knee, apathy, the bad weather, Beer, the good weather & general excuse making as the things that will stop this.

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