I have signed up to the crowdfunding site www.patreon.com. My URL is www.patreon.com/TheParishNews/ – but what are the why’s and the who’s? Why would I sign up for a crowdfunding website and what is crowdfunding? Why should I do this?

In the right hands, crowdfunding is democratic media – it is a good way to fund a Podcast or series of videos; it is to pay someone for something that is in the public domain. Essentially, it is a pat on the back to the creator for doing their thing whilst it is free.

I have a radio show, The Parish News, that gets broadcast on a wide variety of stations. At present the stations do not pay for the show – I do not want to saddle them with the burden of paying for the show – I want the show to be broadcast on as many networks as possible. So, I threw the funding of the show open to its listeners.

I have set a few tiers for funding in place: “Friend Of The Show”, “Hipster Starter Pack”, “Free-Jazz Aficionado Pack”, “The ‘Oh, All I Listen To Is Feedback Loops’ Pack” & “The ‘I’m Beyond Sound’ Pack”.

The “… ‘I’m beyond sound’ Pack” has a range of rewards – you can receive a fine art print of a Focused Silence poster, a mention on the show, a Focused Silence t-shirt, bonus content and a specially commissioned Field Recording by myself that will not appear anywhere else – you will be the only person to hear it, unless you share it.

The bonus content is something I am quite excited about making – I will explore, in depth, a great experimental album that I think needs exposure. I will explore it track by track and give an honest review.

I am a bit nervous about the Field recordings – they seem to be the biggest stumbling block – but I have the pedigree and the desire and equipment. Time to take myself seriously as an artist, I guess.

You can see my Patreon Page here.

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