Thought I would quickly recap on this months shenanigans – I finally got around to meeting my beautiful niece yesterday. She was heavier than I expected (not having held a bairn since I was 5yrs old) and cute beyond compare. I would post a photo of her up here but I do not know how the parents (Michael & Hannah) would feel about her debut on Ijo Pona.

I have been working all the hours the DWP send me – I have type set a book for a client and will, eventually, be in print by the end of the year. I sampled some fine beers and danced hard. A good month in all.

Last night saw the opening of the Saturday leg of MUSI_ – MUSI_ is a reggae night that I run with Jason (no surnames on this Blog) at RETRO Bar – we play all host of African musics and Reggae Musics. It really was a right laugh when we ran it on a Thursday  – here is hoping Saturday nights are just as good!

This site has had a quick re-jig – see selected screen shot at the foot of the page – and I have been tinkering with various web things.

My birthday was a right laugh – I spent most of the week either asleep or drunk and it was great spending my time with friends and other loved ones. My Bakelite Radio is still going strong and it is proving quite a talking point among my friends.

However, there has been a negative sheen to the revelry of this month – Grannie & Grandpa (paternal) have been admitted to a home for the elderly and are gradually slipping away. However, this is a bit too personal and I will not talk about it on the web in-case I offend a family member. Their care is on my mind because I love them so.

Still …. new Blog –

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