I am in the process of trying a change of mind set – but it won’t be easy.

The change of Mind is to start thinking of this Blog as if the Blog is asking me the question: “How are you today?” So that I do not go and write a “This is a post about” …post.

It could prove trickier than my last mental shift – the last mental shift I tried was to replace the word ‘sorry’ with ‘thank you.’ So, if I turned up late somewhere I would say “Thanks for waiting” instead of “Sorry.” Instead of saying “Sorry, you are wrong …” I would say “Thanks for your input, but I see it this way.”

Granted it could make me a bit of an annoying optimist – but it reaping rewards in the way I see myself. Confidence is key but I am picking the lock. Either way, we will soon be there. It was one of my New Year’s Resolutions to do so – and – as this is a summary of the first quarter of the year then I wil give myself a big pat on the back – and reply “Thank you.”

My 2017 got off to a bad start with the inauguration of President Trump – the sh*t flinging gibbon has been mad de facto leader of the west and seeks to pocket all of the proceeds (and play golf).

February saw me quite ill – It seems to be around that time of year that my sleep pattern really cocks up and I do not really get out of the flat: I slept all the way through Valentines Day which I am still kicking myself over (and Kathryn keeps reminding me). February saw us loose the worlds best dog. Paddy is no more. His remains are interred in the garden on my parents farm next to Muttley. It was when I came back to the farm on Mother’s Day and opened the door that it really hit me – there was not the waggy-tailed welcome that I had received every time I had walked through the door for the past fourteen years. He was a good pup.

March: well, where to start on that. I was living out the trauma’s of February’s sleep issues right up until the middle of it and then, before I knew it – I was a pop star! Mine and Allan’s release is now in all of the big shops as well as on Spotify. Dig it out – it is pretty heavy stuff …. I also became a Flickr.com PRO and took a whole range of images (some of them are good).

So what have I learned from 1/4 2017 – saying “Thank you” instead of “sorry” works and that the world needs more good dogs & dub.

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