My Harinezumi Guru

My Harinezumi Guru :: I am the proud owner of a digital toy camera – a Harinzumi Guru. A Harinzumi is manufactured in Japan by Supheadz – link here – and they are achieving a bit of a cult status. I was first switched on to Harinzumis by looking at the Digital Toy Camera groups on Flickr – a continuing source of joy. My Harinzumi only cost €60 so I think they must have priced it up wrong!

Below you can see the images I have taken with my digital toy camera.

The camera has a 4 mm f/3.0 lens, giving a view roughly equivalent to a 38 mm lens in 35 mm format. It has a 3-megapixel sensor. It has a macro mode, allowing close-ups at about 3 cm. The Harinezumi has a number of colour-rendition modes: normal, two monochrome modes (with hard and soft contrast), two ‘vivid’-colour modes, a sepia-tinted ‘Old’ mode, an ‘Old’ mode with reduced colour, and blue- and red-tinted modes. The camera has no flash.

The camera will record video in 640×480 pixel AVI format, at 30 frames/second (standard mode), and has eight and even one frame per second modes. Essentially, it’s a toy.