As I have been spending most of my allotted internet time looking at sites – not going on Facebook – I thought I would share with you some inspirational work. I was tipped off by a friend about the PhotoArt of Hel.

In Norse Mythology Hel is described as ruler of a realm of the same name, Helheim, located in Niflheim. To go to Hel is to die, and those who die of sickness or old age go to her underworld. Her appearance is described as half-black /  half-human, and she is said to be a fearsome sight. The name Hel originally meant “the hidden”.

I was perusing her PhotoArt site – and was amazed at the work on display. Here was a lady that was doing, in PhotoArt, what I was trying to achieve in Music.

I sent her an email – well … it was fan mail, really – and she obliged to allow me to use one of her photos as a front cover for the album that her photography inspired me to create.

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