We Remixed A Single

Allan & me, as Guerrilla Dub System, remixed a track for the Italian Dub outfit, The Sarres. We were contacted by email back in … ooooh, March? Most of the work was done by Allan, admittedly – but it is good to get it out there into the public.

I am unsure if it is charting, but Sergio from The Sarres was over the moon with what we had done.

I had a crack at designing the artwork – the only thing I have changed my mind about is the font – it is a bit spindly and not all there – if I had my chance to do it again I would change the font for this release. The artwork is below …

The release is out on Beatport, iTunes and Spotify – I recommend that you get it from Beatport (so that we can see it in the charts!) but if you are after the best deal it is cheapest on the label’s shop at http://creao.greedbag.com – the label who released the single is mine and Allan’s label, CREAO Studio – well, it is Allan’s label just I do some of the donkey work and help out then and now. Here is the release on Spotify …


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