Last night I visited close friends, Andi & Cathy. We just spent the time sipping beer & listening- nothing too much, it was a school night. Whilst there I had a revelation. We were sat listening to my radio show on the computer, we were sharing a moment together, we were sharing something I created, we were sharing a beer – it was beautiful. We did not expect anything in return from each other, just the trust in each other that was there in the first place.

Yup – I am struggling to put it into words. Surely though, even TS Elliot would struggle to write eloquently about friends peacefully sharing a moment of silence whilst the rest of the world busies themselves ready for the next day.

I, sometimes, struggle to speak about the beautiful moments in my life. Last night was one of them. I struggle to put it into words – however, I can put my emotion into song.

The above song (press play) is dedicated to Andi & Cathy and to last night. Andi / Cathy, if you have any suggestions as to what to call it, let me know ….. my working title for it is – “The Passing Of The Science Between William Backhouse & Elias Ashmole”

Ha! Long title I know. However, it last night made me think of my ancestor – William Back***se. Now then, William Back***se taught Elias Ashmole the Occult Sciences – Ashmole interpreted Dr John Dee’s Diaries and founded the worlds first museum in Oxford. The song tries to convey the respect, gratitude and love of finding roses in the sh*t.

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