Knaresborough saw one of the more unusual Le Tour cultural festival events take place on the eve of The Grand Depart.

Held at the headquarters of Orb, the creative arts and skills focused charity, The Tidswell Noise Collective presented a live music and film combination replicating a cycling journey. Billed in advance as a “Dada-esque experience”, it could have been a self-indulgent blend of improvisation and nonsense. But this Knaresborough-based group of musicians, artist and film-makers had clearly done their homework.

Made up of Cathy B, Kathryn B, Andi E, Andy B, Craig M and Mark F, this adventurous event saw them performing with a mix of live instruments, a real-life bicycle and pre-recorded sounds in a way which retained a melodic thread while emphasising the percussive nature of a bike. Performing in front of a film specially shot on local roads with the shadow of a real bike projected on the screen, the only difference between this quite brilliant event and one at, say, the ICA in London was that this one took place in Knaresborough. – Graham Chalmers

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