Yesterday (Saturday 6th April 2013), me and a group of friends spent the afternoon in a recording studio in Knaresborough – ORB Community Arts Centre to be exact.

We jammed for around three hours – all the while recording what was being produced. We did not go in there with any thought of how we would like it to turn out, we were just sat there improvising and listening. That is the key thing with improvisation – you NEED to listen to what the other members of your group are doing or else you will go off on the electronic equivalent of a twenty minute trumpet solo and leave everyone else behind. It needs to gel, it needs to cohere.

At first we needed to, metaphorically, “clean the pipes” – we needed to get all of what was pent up in us out there. This meant that the first hour or so is pretty much unlistenable. It was my job toady to remix the three hour recording, whittle it down and produce an album. No easy task you may htink – however, it was easy! Some parts worked and some, obviously at the time, did not.

What we (The Tidswell Noise Collective) are left with is a retro-futuristic nod at a ploughman’s lunch.

Well, the name of the band // album // song list are still all up for change – but, this is what I did with my Sunday. It is free to download, so help yourself …….

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